22 Nov

Are you Room Hunter or Tenant Hunter?

Flatshare UK

If you want to do house share Liverpool or in any other city big or small in the United Kingdom you can choose between two options: post an advert in the category: room hunters or searching for one in category tenant hunters. You can do that by visiting www.roomhunters.co.uk

In the room hunters’ category you will post your advert and landlords that have a house or room that meet your criteria will contact you to present you their offer.

In the tenant hunters’ category the landlords post an advert about their room/flat/house and wait for tenants to contact him. This is for people who provide Flatshare Liverpool or in any other city in the UK no matter big or small.

You can do them both: post your own advert and after that searching for one. It is the best option because you do not risk waiting too much until you find something.

If you want to post an advert in room hunters’ category you need to write some important things about you and about the wanted roommates.

The first details about you and the most important that will appear highlighted in the advert will be the location where you want to live and the maximum rent you can pay to your landlord.

The next information will be about the date of moving in. The room size: single/double/triple is an information you need to give. You need to specify how many days per week you will stay in the house, your minimum stay in the house and maximum; usually our advice is to say that you do not have a maximum limit stay.

It is absolutely necessary to say what amenities you want: washing machine, broadband, furnished, TV, internet, garden, balcony, parking, private bathroom, garage and so on. You need to specify your religion and your orientation, if you smoke, if you have pets, your nationality and if what occupation you have. Some of them can be answered with: not important, but when you give information about you, you should tell everything to find a flat mate or roommate you will be friend.  Do not forget to specific your age and how many people will bring with you in the house!

The next step is giving room details that are about how much you will stay and conditions.

Flat mate preference is another section you need to complete. You need to specify what gender you want your flat mates to be, what nationality, age, orientation, religion and occupation. Also, you need to specify if you allow pets in the house or smokers. Do not omit to say exactly what you want because can contact you persons that smoke or have pets and you can to not allow it.

The final step is to make a short description about you. How you are, what you like to do, which are your preferences, how much you will stay at home, if you like parties or not and so on. Add a photo with you because in this way you will make a possible landlord to trust you more than if you do not add any photo. Providing rooms to rent Liverpool may be difficult as there are many competitors out there.

Choose with attention and to no forget to get how much information you can from your landlord to be sure that it is the best choice for you.

21 Apr

Hire professionals to do your End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Cleaning Helpers London

Cleaning is always a good idea, but it is also a waste of time. Just a few people find it being relaxing, but the youth and the new generations definitely do not like to do it and they will not do it for sure. Further, working hard is a reason for not cleaning the house. For these kind of people, cleaning companies could be a life saver. One of the best known Cleaning Company in London is Cleaning Helpers

Cleaning is necessary in many situations as domestic cleaning meaning every day cleaning (washing dishes , cleaning the dust ,vacuuming shopping and so on) end of tenancy cleaning for tenants that want to leave the house they hired , always a tenant when he finished his tenancy is obligated to clean all the property he must do it in a professional way but it is hard and it takes a lot of time. You can get help by hiring  Cleaning Helpers cleaning company to perform an end of tenancy cleaning service , to send professional cleaners to clean the house in a professional way .

  • Move in or move out cleaning is similar with end of tenancy cleaning , but it is fa people that are not tenants; ( meaning that they own the house);services offered are just the same with those for tenants ;
  • After party cleaning – for those people that had a party last day or night in their own house ; maybe it was your birthday or you had a business meeting , we are sure that you are not in the mood four cleaning everything (cops ,plats , vacuuming , collect the garbage ) so our professional cleaners can be at your Rouse in the next morning to do it for you;
  • Office cleaning – you area business man? We are sure that you are not doing the cleaning by you self. But also, you need some cleaners you can trust because the office is the place where you close your business. So, your office must be always clean, because it influences your businesses.
  • Emergency cleaning   – when you have an emergency, but it costs more and you need to call tact a different phone number;
  • If you are not in the mood for cleaning or you are sick and you must clean the property.
  • Ironing – many people, men and woman? Really do not like to do it because is necessary to have patience and a lot of time, so, our professional workers are trained to do it perfectly to (e scope) of ironing.
  • Carpet cleaning is a cleaning service you need to pay extra to have it.
18 Mar

Stay healthy and clean your home today


Many people that do not like cleaning are always asking why they have to clean their house so often? Their argument is that the mess isn’t a problem for them because they find the order in their mess. Well, they are completely wrong and if you are one of them, our advice is to call Clean&Clean for a cleaning service. Their cleaning teams operating in London can provide you with specialised cleaning service at short notice.

Further, their prices are very good and available for every kind of people (with less or more money) because we want to please everyone. In this way, you have enough time for what you want to do, you have a beautiful and fresh house and also you have a healthy life in your house. It sounds like cleaning has a lot of advantages, but, it is how we said and now you will find why.

Dirt can affect very aggressive your health because it hides a lot of bacteria, viruses and other pathological microorganisms and you can get some really bad disease as: asthma that will affect all your life because it hadn’t a treatment that cures it, drugs will just remove your symptoms. Also you can become allergic at dust, you can have really bad respiratory problems and you can get also cancer. We know that it sounds really scary but you must know the truth to clean often your house.

If you do not care about you, take care at least of your children that will stay in your dirt and will get some disease because your lack of care and responsibility.

It isn’t a problem if you do not like to do it. We can help you and make your life easier, healthier and better! A clean house means health, but also a good mood. You will see immediately the difference between those two situations: when you have your house a mess and when it is fresh and clean.

Our end of tenancy cleaners can come to help you how often you want to and more they offer their services to you, more you will get a bigger discount, because we love to reward our loyal customers!

Our cleaning professionals who operate in the whole of London would like to do the best clean service you ever see, because they love to hear positive feedback from their customers. All they want from you is to be happy with the result! After this cleaning, you will see that everything will be better for you!

SO, do not let your house to be a mess! Call us at the number you find on our website!

26 Feb

How to become a good Photographer


To be a great photographer you need to have a great passion for photography. All you need to know to do your job as a photographer to proper is to read this article!

To be a great photographer, we will give you an advice. You must specialize in just one category as portraits, landscapes and so on. You can learn how to be the best within two categories.

For example, if your photos are great, you can sell them for a magazine. They can put your photos on the cover of a magazine or inside it. If you are a photographer for models or portraits your photos can appear in a fashion magazine. If you are a landscape photographer, they will appear in geography magazines. Also, if your photos are with rooms, houses, furniture you can appear in a deco magazine (a magazine with ideas for arrange your house or rooms).

They have the right to use your photos only if they buy them from you. Without your agreement and a sign contract they can’t use your photos- it is illegal. You have the right to put your photos everywhere you want. This kind of right is named copyright.

To give the right to use your photos to a firm or another person you need to sign a contract, more exactly you sell a license. In contract you must say where the buyer will use the photo (We mean in which territory) and how many times he will use the photo. If he did it more than the contract says, it is illegal.

Also, you are the one who decide if your photo can be used by one single buyer, only once or if you will sell the photo many times to many buyers. With other words, you decide if your photo will be exclusive or non-exclusive.

Also, if you are a wedding or party photographer you can use also the copyright, but your customer can also use them how they want to. Only thing you can do is writing your name or your firm name on all photos.

Also, you can have your own firm, mmore exactly your studio photo where you can photograph your customers.

Your photos can be used also by television and others.

Here we will present you how many types of photographs exists. After you will see this list you can decide what type fits your personality better. So, you can be a:

  • Fashion Photographer;
  • Landscape Photographer;
  • Wildlife Photographer;
  • Aerial Photographer;
  • Scientific Photographer;
  • Nude Photographer;
  • Medical Photographer;
  • Photojurnalist;
  • Event Photographer;
  • Street Photographer;
  • Paparazzi;
  • Advertising Photographer;
  • Micro Photographer;
  • Concert Photographer;
  • Architecture Photographer;
  • Real Estate Photographer;
  • Satellite Photographer;
  • Vehicle Photographer;
  • Tarvel Photographer;
  • Baby Photographer;
  • Pet Photographer;
  • Sports Photographer;

There can be many any types of phorographer.

What you need to know to be a great photographer?

Well, you need to know how to set the light on peoples face. You also need to know how to manage the shadow to create mistery. You need to know how to use daylight and also the dark. Despide the sun light, you need to know to use the other sources of light as bulbs and others. To not forget the quality of the light.

The angles are very important too! You need to analyze all the elements that are in the background of your camera. You need to pay attention to the crop; you need to choose the perfect angle and distance; not too closer and also not too wider; when you take the photo you must ask yourself why you do not take the photo closer or wiser; that’s the way you find how to take the best picture. Another improtant thing about angle is your subject. You must choose a specific angle if he is moving and another one if he isn’t moving. Other things present in the background as rain, dust, smoke and many others are very important too. Also, you can move around your subject and not make him move how you want to. It’s easier and you can focus on something you can never imagine!

To be a great photographer, you can also read specific books or take courses online. You have many books in the domain, but you need to pay attention to what you choose because you can choose the wrong book! Before starting to study one of them, get some information about them. Books are also specific for beginners, medium or professional phorographers.

Well, if you are at the beginning we will get you some advice. You should start with a personal project. More exactly, you must take photos of your family and friends first. Or, you can stop people on the street and ask them if they agree to.

You must make a plan! You need to plan at what you will take photos, where you will go or what you will use. First of all, you need to have enough money for it, for buying a great camera or own/rent a studio.

Do not worry if one of your project is a failure, you can learn from it more than if you have only successful projects. Mistakes are the key for success because if you make mistakes you know what you did wrong.

But, you have always to have the ambition to make it perfect, no matter what you have!

20 Nov

Keep your wife happy, hire a cleaning team!

house cleaning

When it is about end of lease cleaning in London, women love to do it, but they do not have time. Having a messy house is bad for your health and not only.

An important reason to have your house perfectly clean all the time is your children. Why? Because what they see at home, exactly the same thing they will do at their house in the future. A beautiful and clean house means also health for you and your family. So, you have to take care of your children and you have to impress them, to teach them to be organized and to keep their future properties in a perfect condition. As a mother, you have to be an example, so you must keep your house clean!

But, we are sure that you have problems with that: going to your job to make money for you children and family, spending time with your family or relax are factors that do not let you keeping your house clean all the time. Here is the solution! You can call a cleaners’ team to do it for you when you do not have enough time to do it by yourself!

For example, spring cleaning is something that take a lot of time, even if you have a little house (a flat) or a big house with many rooms. Prices are very cheap, available for everyone and a cleaners’ team is always ready to help you with everything! Do not forget that they are professional cleaners and if you want this service from End of Tenancy Cleaning cleaning company, they will come with professional chemical products and equipment. They will clean all your floors, furniture, surfaces, appliances even the oven or the microwave from your kitchen (you can also let them washing your dishes). They will vacuum your carpets, mopping and all your house need. If you want your carpets washed, you have to pay extra|! Your walls will be washed if you want to, but in case of damage the responsibility is yours, because you ask for it! Windows from the outside will be cleaned only if the team can do it easy, without being in danger!

You can surprise your family with that and make them happy, because you aren’t the only one that will clean the house!

Another good example is end of tenancy cleaning service. It is a big responsibility so, why you do not let some experts to do it?

Do not forget that your children have to know how to clean their house!

17 Nov

Professional photography seen as a form of art


Photography is art. But, the photographs are the one that can transform a landscape, a person or a place in something amazing. They are beautiful, but a professional photographer can take a photo in such a way that you can’t believe that it is the same place you see in real life.

Photographers are persons that love to capture the best thing at someone or at a landscape. If you take a photo and you aren’t a professional, you can see the big difference between your photo and a professional photograph that capture exactly the same thing as you.

There are two types of professional photographs:

  • The ones that are talented and passionate and they do not need to learn theory about photography; they do it from passion and are always ready to take photos without earning something; they can be employees or have their own business in photography too.
  • The ones that have photography as a hobby and want to turn it into a job. There are that type of persons that, even if they do not take professional photos without learning some techniques or theory, they are available to do it, to get a job in photography. Another reason can be that they want to take professional photos for their family, to have beautiful memories.

No matter what type you are, you need to respect some steps. For example, a talented one do not need to study about lights, positions, zoom, focus because they take a good photo without learn them. They also can study a little to be sure that how they done it, it is right. The one who wants to become a photographer by learning them, can be exactly the same as the first one; but, you will always see a difference between them.

Another important thing is that you also need to know some programs (photo editors) as: PhotoScape and especially Photoshop. You need to retouch some photos, especially these photos taken for models that appears on the magazines covers and not only. Also, if you take a photo at a landscape you can need to retouch some colors to make them warmer and not only.

If you become in time a great photographer you can be wanted by big model companies, magazines and not only, because they need professionals that will take some amazing photos. Often, photos influence people’s minds so much that them will make him buy something or want to visit one place.

For example, a great photo taken at mountains or at sea, will make many people go in that place. In marketing, in tourism they are very important to hide imperfections.

01 Nov

Carpet and Upholstery cleaning in London prices

cleaning prices

You already know that if you choose end of tenancy cleaning London service you will receive a great cleaning, but in the price is not included carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning.

So, the question is: how much costs carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning?

Carpet cleaning:

  • For one bedroom: 15 pounds;
  • For double bedroom: 20 pounds;
  • For lounge or dining room: 25 pounds;
  • For hallway: 15 pounds;
  • For staircase, but up to 15 steps: 15 pounds;
  • For landing: 5 pounds;
  • For toilet/bathroom: 5 pounds;
  • For a small rug: 10 pounds;
  • For a medium rug: 15 pounds;
  • For a large rug: 20 pounds;

Upholstery cleaning:

  • For an armchair: 15 pounds;
  • For 2 seater sofa: 20 pounds;
  • For 3 seater sofa: 30 pounds;
  • For 4 seater sofa: 35 pounds;
  • For dining chair: 5 pounds;
  • For half-length curtains: 20 pounds;
  • For full length curtains: 30 pounds;

But, here is a condition for these 2 services: you need to want carpet cleaning/upholstery cleaning, separately or together that costs at least 40 pounds.

Why Citi Clean have extra prices for this kind of services?

Because products used costs a lot, so they need to be paid separately. But, prices are very good. Citi Clean have professional and trained end of tenancy cleaners and not only, so you will receive a professional cleaning at a very good price!

Why you have an advantage if you choose Citi Clean for cleaning your room/house?


  • The equipment and products for cleaning different types of materials are included in the price;
  • A cleaner’s team can come to your house exactly in the same day you call;
  • You not pay the cleaning according to time they spend to your house, so the cleaning will be finished when it has to be;
  • You can call for a team on holidays or late hours, without paying extra money;
  • End of tenancy cleaners are professional, dedicated, love to communicate to people, are always happy and ready to help you and they are certified and trained in cleaning.

Where can you find Citi Clean?

In: Acton, Balham, Battersea, Clapham, Camden Town, Canary Wharf, Dulwich, Finchley, Hampstead, Islington, Kensington, Notting Hill, Putney, Tooting and Wimbledon. And all of these are just some from the covered areas.

When you need a professional cleaning, even if it is end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, move out/in cleaning and so on, you know where to call!

17 Oct

Basic informations for beginner landlords

Flatshare UK

To be a landlord who wants to rent rooms in London can be difficult because you need to have trust in people you do not know and no one wants to be scammed.

No matter if you as a landlord will rent a room to a lodger or a house to a tenant, you need to know some basic information from the beginning. No matter if you are looking for a room share in London or house share in London, you are a lodger and you have the responsibility to be decent and honest with your landlord.

As a landlord, at your first call with your possible future lodger you need to found: his name, his actual address, if she or he is working or if she or he is a student, or both (because you need to know if your future lodger can pay his bills and rent). Also, you need to know if she or he can pay a deposit. No matter if a lodger wants to do room share in London or house share in London, it is good for you to know why they need your house or room to stay in.  To not forget anything our advice is to write his answers.

As a lodger who wants to rent rooms in London you have some responsibilities too. You need to clean your entire house because it needs to be welcoming.  If it looks clean and good, your future lodger will be impressed and will want to live with you!

You need to have a good and positive attitude, to speak a lot with him to offer all information he needed because once he accepts the offer to not have nothing bad to say about you or your house.

To rent rooms in London is also a good business because every month comes people that do not have a lot of money here. And this option is the cheapest.

To be sure that your lodger will respect all the conditions and terms you can ask him or her about the salary they receive to be sure that he or she have how to pay on time.  Tell him how many times a week you want to clean the house with his help, when he can have visitors, when he can listen to music and how loud and so on.

Do not forget to tell to your lodger if bills are included in rest or not. Good luck!

For lodgers, house share in London or room share in London are perfect for them, so good luck at find one!

12 Oct

The dedication for photography

A photographer is an artist because not everyone can make professional and awesome photographs, even if they learn how to do it in schools or university, people need also talent and dedication for it.

A talented photographer doesn’t need to learn in schools how to do photos because once he has a camera in his hands he knows how to do with it, what camera lens or effects he needs to use and what to photo and when. Of course that he needs to learn from books some theoretical stuff, but he doesn’t have the need to be taught by someone else.

A photographer can be professional and amateur, but the important thing is that people confuse always these terms. A professional photographer is the one that make money from making photos and an amateur is the one that do it for his pleasure without earn money from it. People, that is the difference. So, it doesn’t mean that a professional photographer is more prepared or that he makes better photos than an amateur. But, the real fact is that many times normal people that are amateur photographs aren’t prepared and their photos can’t be compared with professional ones.

Why being a photographer is such a good job?

Money are very important in people lives, talented photographers need them too. So, why not earn some money from what you love? It is a very nice job because you will be present as a photographer at many beautiful events and you will also have fun together with guests.

A professional photographer mean that he works for someone or for a company. He can work for a newspaper to make photos that will appear on the newspaper covers or inside it (he has the advantage to meet new and important people). He can be hired for a night or a day by normal people who want awesome photos at their life events as wedding or graduation day. He can also be present at many types of events as social events and so on to make photos that will be showed to people on websites or newspapers. He can be hired by a family or person who want to have good photos in studio or nature to have beautiful memories. He can be hired to make photos or ads. Or, one from the most exciting job in photography is to be a particular detective or to be a detective for crime scene. Also, you can work as a paparazzi. The last two ones don’t involve talent and passion; you just need to photo the right things in a perfect moment. (of course, you need a good spirit of observation especially when you photo a crime scene, to not overlook nothing important).

An amateur can also be present at social events, weddings, parties and so on, but he will not earn money.